Krewe de ROUX= Trad Jazz (New Orleans Traditional Jazz), spiced up.  Playing swinging, fun songs people know with catchy lyrics, mostly from the 1910’s-1960’s, and sprinkling their own flavor on everything played, just like a gumbo (hence the ROUX). Created by Brandon Tarricone, this band is able to bring a mellower sound into restaurants, smaller bars, and private parties/events that want a fun, engaging show with their audience, without it being too loud or aggressive. Roux’s huge list of material ranges from Louis Armstrong to Ray Charles and all things in between, including a list of originals written in the style….. This band SWINGS hard!! and the vocals on top keep audiences coming back again and again to dance, sit back and listen, or sing along.  Krewe de Roux performs both as a Trio featuring Tarricone on Guitar/Vocals, Henley Douglas Jr on Saxophone, and Theo Brierley on Upright Bass (w/no drums), and also as a Four piece adding in a small cocktail drum kit with brushes played by Derek Hayden who also sings, and swings out the audiences dancing shoes.  This band was started in 2016 as a side project for Tarricone and Douglas to play swinging jazz and has blossomed with the release of their first album in 2018 and over 200 shows, with each venue they play asking them to come back again and again.